Other Film and Video Writing

ADVENTUROUS SOULS IN ROUGH MADE BOOTS – One hour documentary.  2006 VITAEMO – 3 minute welcome video – drama vignette for Ukrainian Village museum. 2001 HARVEST OF JOY – Half hour documentary on history of Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada.  2000 HEARTBREAK FEAST – DOCTOR, DOCTOR! – Two half hour dramas on interpersonal communications 1998 FAMILY CARE HOMES – Half hour video on Extended Care Facilities 1997 DON’T PASS ME BY – 10 minute video on group homes for the disabled. 1996 CHANGING FOR THE BETTER – 10 minute video on continuing care for seniors. 1996 FORT CALGARY – Video for Interpretive Center   1995 IT’S SO EASY – Half hour drama.  1991 IN OUR OWN VOICE – CIDA – Half hour documentary on Nepal  1991 20 HISTORICAL VIGNETTES – 3 – 5 min videos.  For displays in Reynold’s Museum, Remington Museum, Fort George/Buckingham House, The Ukrainian Village.  1990. PARK PLACE – CFRN – half hour children’s show.  Pilot script 1990 BIGGER THAN A BASKET – Half hour documentary on alternative trading organizations in Africa.  1989 SEXUAL HARASSMENT ON CAMPUS – University of Alberta Docu-drama.  1988   NATIVE AWARENESS – Alberta Native Education Project/ACCESS Network   Half hour documentary. 1988 IS IT WORTH IT? – 10 minute docu-drama on shoplifting.  1988 NATIVE ART: WOODLAND CREE – Alberta Native Education Project   Six 10 minute documentaries. 1987 BEHAVIOR DISORDERS -  Four half hour videos on managing behavior disorders in the classroom. THE EDMONTON AURORAS – Edmonton Aurora Synchronized Swim Club. 3 minute promotional video. 1986 THE POWER TEAM – Alberta Teacher’s Association 10 minute documentary. 1986 BODY KNOWLEDGE AND CARE: HUMAN SEXUALITY – Alberta Education   Two 15 min. docu/dramas  1986 DIAGNOSTIC READING – Alberta Education  Seven, 5 – 15 minute documentaries. 1986 ENCOUNTERS –  30 minute docu/drama on lines and shapes in Art. 1986 THE RURAL BOARDROOM – Alberta Agriculture  20 minute docu/drama on family farm business. 1985 IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION ESL LITERACY PORTRAITS – ESL  Four 15 minute documentaries  1985 SEXUAL HARRASSMENT – City of Edmonton  10 minute docudrama  1985 MAKING CONTACT English Second Language. 20 minute documentary. 1984 MUSKWACHEES COMMUNITY Sacred Circle/ACCESS Network.  Half hour drama. 1984 WHAT’S GOING ON? THE PARENT TEACHER CONNECTION University of Alberta/ACCESS Network  Two 20 minute docudramas. 1982 CHILDREN AND THE VISUAL ARTS Alberta Culture/ACCESS Network. Video  Three 15 minute documentaries. 1982 YOU AND ME Half hour video pilot for children. Writer/ producer. 1981 Broadcast nationally on CTV in 1982. INTEGRATION OF LANGUAGE ARTS -  Alberta Education/ACCESS Network    Half hour documentary 1978 A CHRISTMAS STORY. ACCESS Network  Half hour drama.  Also broadcast on CBC western network. 1975 TAKE TIME . ACCESS, Calgary.  Ten 10 minute early childhood education segments. 1974