Back in action

Okay, so I’m the worst blogger ever.  Life keeps getting in the way and I keep ignoring the little whispering in my head that I should write something on the blog. Procrastination, laziness and time races by.  I’m already two months back from my third volunteer adventure in South Africa. In the last post I said I would answer “Why South Africa?”  That was two years ago. Time is such a slippery thing.

The South African  volunteering goes along with the serendipity part of my life. Neil and I went to a fundraiser for Keiskamma Trust at the University of Alberta in November 2010.  I had already decided I wanted to volunteer somewhere that year, to celebrate my birthday in a more meaningful way.  Neil and I had already been to South Africa to visit long lost relatives – Neil’s father was born in Cape Town – so we were at least familiar with the country and its challenges.  By the end of the fundraiser  I was hooked on the organization and asked about the possibility of volunteering.  They don’t have an infrastructure for volunteers but with my ancient teaching degree they thought I could be useful. In February 2011 we were off to South Africa and work with Keiskamma Trust. What a worthwhile adventure it has been!

South Africa 2011

Road from the school into the village of  Hamburg South Africa A number of our friends and family have asked me to write about our volunteer adventure in South Africa in February and March of 2011. The questions most asked are: Why did you do it? Why South Africa? What did you do? I’ll answer as…

Getting With the Program

Okay! With Ben’s help, advice, creativity and gift, I now have a website and blog.  I still don’t have a smart phone, I-Pad and I don’t Tweet or have a Facebook wall. It’s just one step at a time in this whirl wind time of life. I will try to keep up with what I have for…